Pittsburgh Light Projects

Robert Wilson and Richard Gluckman (Gluckman Mayner Architects) were commissioned, by the private not-for-profit arts organization Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, to create light sculpture installations to be displayed in the city of Pittsburgh. Lander was the lighting consultant on two permanent light-sculpture installations. One is a projection onto a 100’x100′ wall, the other installation is an illuminated art-sign 20’x40′ which displays an animation of triangles.


A 6000w scenic projector (normally used by Opera companies) projects a horizontal bar which slowly moves down the side of a building. The projector sits on the roof across the street from the wall in a air-conditioned custom designed projection house. A show control computer opens a window blind and turns the projector on and off. This installation runs daily from dusk till approximately 1am.  Location:  Penn Ave and 6th.

Illuminated art-sign

A giant triangle slowly rotates and subtly changes colors on the art signboard. The sign is covered with a layer of vinyl to soften the graphic images. Behind the vinyl is a matrix of over 124,000 red, blue and green LEDs. The triangle image is based on the geography of Pittsburgh’s downtown, a triangle land area is created by two rivers joining and creating the Ohio River.  Location: 5th Avenue Place.